Thursday, June 18, 2009

Watch 40 Movies in 80 Days : Movies#21:Fast and Furious 4

Fast and Furious 4 : The movie is fast and will make you furious

This movie (or now becoming mini series like Rocky and Saw) is about Brian(Paul Walker), FBI agent that is trying to stop the drugs syndicate in Los Angeles. During his investigation, he met with his old frenemy Dominic (Vin Diesel) who chased the same Syndicate for differ
ent reason. a movie full of street racer, great cars, and sexy ladies.

What I thought about this movie

I can say there's almost no difference if you watch the first 3 of this movie, or if you don't, you can guess the ending of the movie after you watching it in 30 minutes.

ere is nothing memorable after I finished this movie (I even needed to Google the character’s name). The plot is going nowhere, so typical and there's a lots of out of place and pointless scene. Like they spent almost 2 minutes just to see Brian chasing and shooting the bad guy which is I think is unnecessary.

How about the acting? Well, they were only good when they rode their cars and raced! The dialogues was cheesy, unreal and the action were exaggerated. I think the acting was poor even for mindless typical Hollywood action movie. They fail to convince us to believe anything they want us to believe thru the dialogues, plot and scenes.

Like any other race action movies, this movie also full of hot chicks and cars. The race was not so bad especially when they race using GPS for direction, it’s quite entertaining. I can said the CGI department works quite well in this movie.

For my final words, the CGI for this movie is good, but unfortunately the good movie was not about the CGI effects alone, it must have a good story, combined with good act from their cast. I ca
n only give this movie one star. Half star for their racing scene and half for their hot chicks and ride. Shame isn’t? my advice, don’t even bother to think of watching it.