Sunday, March 28, 2010

Plan No.9 From Outer Space

Plan no.9 from the outer Space(1959) : When curiosity become curse

Last week I saw another Burton’s movie: Ed wood, biopic of Edwards D Woods Jr., the worst director for all the time in Hollywood. After watching this Ed Wood biopic, I’m very curious how bad it is and for the sake of curiosity I search it, clicked the download button for one of his well known film : The plan 9 of outer space and by the time I click the file and start to watch it my curiosity became my curse.

Special effects, Characters and Plot

the main idea of this movie is that there’s bunch of Alien who's trying to stop human from developing the deadly weapon called solaranit. After 8 times failed to stop or warn the human kind to stop solaranit development, this time they tried with the new plan: Plan no 9: raised the dead and make the zombie to stop it. Well I can’t say it is a good plot, there’s a lot of weak point on it.

This execution is even worse. It’s plot less, almost no real dialogue. Just mixing mumbo jumbo between zombie, alien and military on every scenes. Not to mention the acting quality, it totally failed in every ways. The best appearance in this movie is by some dude who played a Zombie. Rest of the cast? Well, it’s like real zombie. No expression with absurd dialogue. In one scene there’s a bunch of police officers doing investigation in cemetery when suddenly one of them died because mysterious light from UFO. They saw the UFO plus they saw the UFO raised the dead. BUT hey! what the chief of police did? Instead of running or being terrified or did something actually express that he's in danger or even angry because he just lost his man, what he did is with his straight, empty face is asked “what time is it?”, light his smoke, and walk away like the undead, UFO and death of co worker meant nothing, or like it never happened! And if by reading this you think this is a comedy, I’m sorry to disappointing you.. it isn’t, Ed wood put this movie as a sci-fi and horror genre.

Special Effect and editing division is also as bad as the characters and plot, so many ridiculous things here and there, like using shower curtain as background screen ( you can see the curtain hanger) to hang and controlled the “UFO” objects using fishing rod and we can see the strings!

What I thought about this movie

I can say this movie is by far is the ugliest, plotless, brainless Hollywood Movie I've ever seen in my whole life! Now I really understand why the most prestigious title like :”the worst director ever for all the time” belong to Ed Wood. It feels like watching those Indonesian stupid movie like Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi in English language.

I tweet the real time experience during watching it here is it :

· [00:00] watching Plan no.9 from outer space by ed wood, the legendary movie for the worst movie ever. Hopefully I don't get a brain damage after this

· [00:30] 30 menit pertama Plan no 9 from outer space rasanya kayak 3 Jam...oh God..

· [00:35] I think those "movie maker" who made dendam pocong mupeng definitely use this Ed wood as a Role model. I can see the resemblance...

· [00:40] Brain damage levels : 40% in 40 minutes..and the movie is 120 minutes

· [00:45] This ed wood dude are genius:not only use shower curtain as a background scene, he reuse 1 scene so many times, and 1 cameo to play 5roles

· [00:45] What a brilliant idea of ed wood to do a huge damage in our brain! A ufo controlled by fishing rod! And I can see the string!!!ugggghh

· [00:45]Still torturing myself with this plan 9 from the outer space...I almost can't hold it any longer..

· [00:45] The only good acting in this movie is the acting of this dude who playing as zombie. The rest of it?well like a zombie #plan9

· [01:00] KK dheraaj + chawez + koya pagayo = Ed wood God of ugly movie in modern forms.

· [01:00] 60 minutes of #plan9, brain damage : almost all of it... I can't see clearly...everything is dark

· [01:10]Desperately need nectar and ambrosia from God of Olympus to cure my brain

· [01:20]Just finished #plan9 from the outer space from ed wood...*speechless*

I rest my case,I can’t say more than that..

Now, please excuse me I have Brain to repair..

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